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2019 Special Awards

Samantha Hamilton

Te Kūiti High School Board of Trustees Scholarship for Dux of the School-2019
Photolife Graphic Arts Award for Achievement and Excellence in Photography
Excellence in Senior Literature sponsored by Waitomo News

Linnie Lim

Proxime Accessit - 2019
The Perseverance Award
Excellence in Mathematics

Isabel Mans The Jamieson Cup for All Round Excellence
Te Kūiti Rotary Award for Head Girl
The Max Daniel Memorial Cup for Dedication and Commitment to Music
Barry Simons Memorial Prize for Enthusiasm and Interest in the field of Music
Rae Pullman Cup for Excellence in History
Ayla Pratt The Scholars Cup for Top Student in Year 12 sponsored by Murray, Kidd and Falconer
The Howes Cup for Merit sponsored by Forgeson Law
Janki Patel The BJ Kearins Award for Best All Round Academic Achievement in Year 11

Campbell Thornton

The Buttimore Cup for Endeavour

Samantha Kelly

Te Kūiti High School Charitable Trust Cup for Citizenship in the SENIOR School
Outstanding Achievement in NCEA L3 Physical Education
Office Plan Award for Achievement and Endeavour in Art

Christopher Bailey Te Kūiti High School Charitable Trust Cup for Citizenship in the JUNIOR School
Caleb Davey Te Kūiti Rotary Award as Head Student
Ngarangi Poa-Barrett Te Kūiti High School Te Rautaki Reo a te Nehenehenui Award Highest level of achievement in te reo and tikanga Māori
Kapahaka trophy for Leadership in Kapahaka - Kōtiro
The Mairangi Joseph Prize / Scholarship to a student of Ngati Maniapoto descent intending to study at tertiary level
The Maori Women's Welfare League Shield for Top Academic Student of Māori descent
Connie Grice Cup for Leadership and Achievement in Music
Taetia Kopa Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Oparure Trophy and the Maniapoto FM Commitment to Reo Māori Award for Excellence in te reo Māori
Audrey Deere Memorial Cup - Outstanding contribution to Kapahaka
Adam Winikerei Kapahaka trophy for Leadership in Kapahaka - Tamaiti Tāne
Olivia Ramsey Barry Simons Memorial Prize for Enthusiasm and Interest in the field of Science
Alex Young Excellence in Science
Raiha Mathews-Ngauma Kimberley Stott Cup for Commerce
Justez Howe Community Service Award
Devon Ball Top Primary Industries Student Level 2
Ryan Klein Top Primary Industries Student Level 1

Maeya Crown

Top Gateway Student sponsored by 3G Teak

Mike Kaleopa

Meikle Cup for Excellence in Drama from a Junior Student

Satriani Hemara

Chris Wards Memorial Cup for Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts

Orepa Kaleopa

Bowcott Cup for Excellence in Music in the Junior School

Katie Corbett

Baycopy Award in Excellence in Visual Arts

Amber George Boswell Cup for Endeavour in Home Economics
John Cocks

Borgas Cup for Senior Computing

McKenzie Pratt

Altrusa Club Award for Excellence in Literacy

Regan Harris

Choysa Cup - Joint Winner of the Senior Prepared Speech Competition

Valiant Holland & Kiersten Camitan

Kane Cup - Winner of the Junior Prepared Speech Competition

Bailey Croad

Jaycee Cup - Runner up in the Junior Prepared Speech Competition

Subject Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Year 12


Olivia Ramsey

Biology, Health Studies and 1st= Social Studies

Sam Meads Chemistry, Music, Mathematics, Physics and Geography
Nelson Twist


Maeya Crown

Tourism, Hospitality and Vocational Pathways Award Trophy for Gateway

Raiden Van Herpen

Physical Education

Ayla Pratt

Photography, Painting and 1st= Social Studies

Weston Gill


Raiha Mathews- Ngauma


John Cocks Digital Technology
Taetia Kopa

Te Reo Maori


Year 11


Janki Patel

Science, Mathematics, English, Level 1 History, Digital Technology and French

Alysse Winwood

Home Economics

Lexus Matatahi


Patrick Hedley

Physical Education and Health

Toafia Tamati


Tyson Tahi

Te Reo Māori

Dion Mulgrew


Emily Londt


Ula Law ESOL


Year 10


Cheyenne Clifton-Koch

Art, Mathematics and Physical Education (Female)

Chris Bailey

Wood Technology

Rhonda Leafa


Hineraukura Aranui

Te Reo Māori

Bodi Hawkins

Food Technology

Quin Stephens

Physical Education (Male)

Charlie Hill


Carly Botting

Digital Technology and Science

Brayden Walker Metal Work Technology
Mary Londt English
Georgia Rogers Health  
Orepa Kaleopa Social Studies


Year 9


Riya Sanchal


Gemma Williams-Kalacanovich Design Technology
Zane Osborne

Design Technology, Mathematics and Science

Elizabeth Fetalaiga

Te Reo Māori

Mike Kaleopa Food Technology and Drama
Nicholas Dave


Mackenzie Galbraith

Social Studies

Ayva-Maree Finn-Taylor


Zara Leineweber

Physical Education (Female) and Hard Materials

Shaine Galbraith

Physical Education (Male)

McKenzie Pratt


Sports Prizes-Individual Champions

Samantha Knight

Most Improved Netball Player

Georgia Rogers Most Outstanding Junior Netball Player (Scheyvens Cup)
Abbey Harris

Most Outstanding Netball Player of the Year (Dawn Grainger Cup)

Tamati Van Hilten

Most Improved Soccer Player in the 1st X1 Boys Team (Eddie Wright Cup)

Morgan Cryer

Most Improved Soccer Player in the 1st X1 Girls Team (Plenderleith Cup)

Heeni Ratima-Paparahi

Most Improved Hockey Player (Dixon Cup)

Aaron Smith Most Improved Boys Hockey Player (D & S Knight Family Trophy)
Atholl Sneddon

Most Improved Basketball Player

David Henderson

Most Valuable Basketball Player (Te Huia Whanau Trophy)

Junior Mapesone

Most Improved Rugby Player (Wetere Cup)

Dion Mulgrew Most Improved Player in Touch Rugby (Kearins/Te Whare Award)
Michael Fetalaiga

Outstanding contribution to Rugby (Tom Nealon Cup)

Patrick Hedley Sportsmanship in Rugby (Ku Taylor Memorial Trophy)






Ben Hedley

Junior Boy Champion (Te Kanawa Trophy)

Morgan Hussey Junior Girl Champion (Te Kanawa Trophy)

Dion Mulgrew

Intermediate Boy Champion (Frank Kelly Cup)

Myah Kimber

Intermediate Girl Champion (Margaret Kelly Memorial Trophy)

Kupe Cleary

Senior Boy (Plendy Cup)

Katie Corbett

Senior Girl (Plendy Cup)





James Kopa

Junior Boy Champion (TK Swimming Club Award)

Morgan Hussey

Junior Girl Champion (TK Swimming Club Award)

Ria Ngatai

Intermediate Boy Champion (Earl Trophy)

Myah Kimber

Intermediate Girl Champion (Earl Trophy)

Caleb Davey

Senior Boy Champion (Championship Cup)

Hinearangi Ngatai

Senior Girl Champion (Smith Cup)





Brae Runciman

Junior Boy Champion

Morgan Hussey

Junior Girl Champion

Patrick Hedley

Intermediate Boy Champion

Morgan Cryer

Intermediate Girl Champion

Caleb Davey

Senior Boy Champion

Samantha Corbett

Senior Girl Champion



Taneisha Marriner

Senior Girl Champion

Caleb Davey

Senior Boy Champion

Zara Leineweber

Junior Girl Champion

Pule Lava

Junior Boy Champion



Ngarangi Poa-Barrett/ Samantha Kelly

A Netball

Taneisha Marriner Reserve A Netball
Daane Kerekere Blue Netball
Cheyenne Clifton-Koch Red Netball
Taylor Allen

1st XV Rugby

Kingi Williams

U14 Rugby

Atholl Sneddon & Raiden Van Herpen Ki-o-Rahi
Aaron Smith

Boys' 1st X1 Hockey

Kathleen Ingley

Girls' 1st X1 Hockey

Sam Meads

Boys' 1st X1 Soccer

Katie Corbett

Girls' 1st X1 Soccer

Caleb Davey

U18 Senior Boys' Basketball

Ocean Howe

Green Boys' Basketball

Tj Wana Junior Boys' Basketball
Callum Hedley Gold Boys' Basketball

Kupe Cleary

Waka Ama


Maniapoto Swimming (TK Swimming Club Assn)
Athletics (McKinnon Cup)
Cross Country

Tawhana   Soccer (Winders Cup)
Netball (Seccombe Cup)
Wahanui Speeches
Rugby (King Country Rugby Union Shield)



RORA    2949


NZIPP Iris Awards 2018

Congratulations to Marama Shearer our Art and Photography teacher, who attained her Fellow this year at the NZIPP Iris Awards as well as receiving 6 bronze awards and a silver.

Marama is honoured to be recognised amongst New Zealand's top professional photographers.

Earnest Duncan Award 2017

Mrs Sanchal was awarded the Ernest Duncan Award in Mathematics for 2017.

This award is given by the New Zealand Association of Mathematics for recognition of an individual's outstanding contribution to the classroom teaching of Mathematics.

Her thesis was about 'Students attitudes towards learning mathematics and the impact of teaching in a sporting context.' Across New Zealand, 5 teachers were awarded citations. Mrs Sanchal has developed her thesis under the supervision of Waikato University using Te Kuiti High School students as part of her research.

Part of Mrs Sanchal's thesis was also published in the Waikato University's Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research.

Windham-Campbell Prize 2017

Young is the first New Zealander to win the university's Windham-Campbell Prize, worth US$165,000 (NZ$230,000), for her collection of personal essays, Can You Tolerate This? The book was published by Victoria University Press last year. Young's book of 21 essays traverses topics from Hamilton's nineties music scene to a stone-collecting French postman; and from family histories to Bikram yoga.

It also touches on Young's early life in Te Kuiti.

A lot of the essays are about really small experiences. In an essay you can validate those experiences somehow and say 'they are meaningful to me'.

"In a funny way too I'm quite proud of my home town, Te Kuiti. It's a surreal thought that such a tiny wee place might get recognition."

The achievement put Young in the same sphere as one of her "absolute heroes", Australian writer Helen Garner, who won the prize last year.

"I can't really accept it quite yet. It still hasn't really sunk in."

The writer was not sure how she would spend her prize money, but first on the list was a proper table and chair for her living room, so she could sit by the window and write.

She also had half-formed plans about ways she might use the money to give back to the community.

"It's completely abstract to me at the moment - about what that [money] means. I don't really want to change my life in any radical way. I love my job, and my bicycle."

Seven other authors spanning fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama were also successful in securing the grant this year. They were set up in 2013 with a gift from the late Donald Windham in memory of his partner of 40 years, Sandy M Campbell.

Young will collect her prize money in September when she goes to the Windham-Campbell festival at Yale. Can You Tolerate This? has also been long-listed for the 2017 Ockham New Zealand Book Award.

- Stuff News

Rae Munro Award 2014

Hayley McGlashan is this year's recipient of the Rae Munro Award. Her thesis, Dare to be Deviant: Gay Males Reflective Experience of Physical Education, is a well-written and well-structured dissertation that clearly meets the high values specified by the principles that underpin the Rae Munro Award. The award specifies that the recipient has demonstrated the urge to enquire, concern for others and the desire for self-respect.

Hayley's research richly demonstrates these principles. She has chosen a topic focused on social justice for a specific group of students, with implications for improving teaching practices in schools. Scholarly consideration of gay young men's schooling experiences in general, and their experiences in physical education in particular, is important. Research on this specific topic is rare, either internationally or in Aotearoa New Zealand. The thesis adds significantly to the corpus of knowledge around schooling and sexuality. Hayley has examined issues for these young men in an ethical manner and provides cogent commentary on problems for them as they participate in physical education.

Hayley has taken a nuanced and reflective approach to her research. Her methodological approach is thoroughly explained. She convincingly wove together her theoretical framework, methodological explanations, and the experiences of her participants. Hayley's compelling research findings provide powerful examples of how young gay men experience physical education during their schooling years and she offers recommendations for changes in practice. This aspect of her work has already had an impact on policy in the area of sexuality education in Aotearoa New Zealand. Hayley's thesis is cited in the new draft policy document Sexuality Education: Guidelines for Principles, Boards for Trustee and Teachers.

The NZARE Council has no hesitation in awarding Hayley as an outstanding recipient for the 2014 NZARE Rae Munro Award.

- www.nzare.org.nz

DUX ~ Samantha Hamilton 2019

Proxime Accessit
Proxime Accessit ~ Linnie Lim 2019

Special Award
Top Year 12 ~ Ayla Pratt
Special Award
Sam Meads (Head Boy 2020)

Taetia Kopa (Head Girl 2020)

PM Award

Bianca Hansen - Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence Award (Scholarship)

Chris Bailey ~ TKHS Charitable Trust Cup for Citizenship in the JUNIOR School

Samantha Kelly ~ TKHS Charitable Trust Cup for Citizenship in the SENIOR School and Kimberley Stott Cup for Commerce

Campbell Thornton ~ The Buttimore Cup for Endeavour

All the best to our School Leavers!!!

Marama Shearer

Anantika Sanchal

Ashleigh Young

Hayley McGlashen