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2016 Special Awards

Kaleb Addy

Te Kūiti High School Board of Trustees Scholarship for Dux of the School-2016
The Howes Cup for Merit
Excellence in Science
Excellence in Mathematics
Senior Literature
Lines Company Prize in Physics


Sophie MacDonald

The Lamb, Bain and Laubscher Award for Proxime Accessit – 2016
The Jamieson Cup for All Round Excellence
Te Kūiti Rotary Award as Head Student
Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
Community Service Award


Hannah Searancke  


The Scholars Cup for Top Student in Year 12 sponsored by Murray, Kidd and Falconer
Barry Simons Memorial Prize for Enthusiasm and Interest in the field of Science
The Max Daniel Memorial Cup for Dedication and Commitment to Music     


Maija Stephens

The BJ Kearins Award for Best All Round Academic Achievement in Year 11  


Alex Young

Te Kūiti High School Charitable Trust Cup for Citizenship in the JUNIOR School 


Tahlia Matthews

The Te Kūiti High School Charitable Trust Cup for Citizenship in the SENIOR School  


Stevi Taylor

The Buttimore Cup for Endeavour

Trent Ammon
Jessie-Jo Ball
Sydney Jem Karaitiana
Stafford Ormsby
Tarshaye Ryder


The School Leaver Scholarship award: Te Ara Ki Angitū – Pathway to Excellence

Vaumauili Law

Craftmanship in Senior Technology (Placemakers Te Kuiti Award)

Regan Kyle

Most Outstanding Engineering Student (Mitre10 Award)

Vau Fili

Endeavour in Textiles (TKHS Cup for Fabric craft)
The Perseverance Award

Tiana Eketone-Wilson

The Moko Otimi Memorial trophy, awarded to the top student in the Te Kūiti High School Services Academy

Tayla Borell-King

Audrey Deere Memorial Cup - Outstanding contribution to Kapahaka

Tipene Thackray

Kapahaka trophy for Leadership in Kapahaka – Tamaiti Tāne

Te Awhina Anderson

Kapahaka trophy for Leadership in Kapahaka – Kōtiro

Lekisha Ruki-George

Te Kūiti High School Te Rautaki Reo a te Nehenehenui Award Highest level of achievement in te reo and tikanga Māori

Armadeus Hita

Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Oparure Trophy and the Maniapoto FM Commitment to Reo Māori Award for Excellence in te reo Māori

Jessie-Jo Ball

The Mairangi Joseph Prize / Scholarship to a student of Ngati Maniapoto descent intending to study at tertiary level

Madison-Rei Willison

The Māori Womens’ Welfare League Shield for Top Academic Student of Māori descent

Tayla Vandy

Outstanding Achievement in NCEA L3 Physical Education

Stephanie Derby

Excellence in Senior Textiles

Darryl Fili Uili

Top Gateway Student

Narumi Igarushi

The Bosco Café Award for Endeavour in Hospitality

Joshua Parker

The Stoked Eatery Award for Top Student in Hospitality

Joshua Needham

Top Primary Industries Student Level 1

Teira Gill

Top Primary Industries Student Level 2

Isaac Pethybridge

Connie Grice Cup for Leadership and Achievement in Music

Sahila Sharma

Bowcott Cup for Excellence in Music in the Junior School

Finn Hunt

Barry Simons Memorial Prize for Enthusiasm and Interest in the field of Music                    

Lea Tregoweth

Chris Wards Memorial Cup for Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts

Samantha Hamilton

Meikle Cup for Excellence in Drama from a Junior Student

Kimsy Meng

Meikle Cup for Top Student in Early Childhood Education

Julia Armstrong

Rae Pullman Cup for Excellence in Social Studies
Kimberley Stott Cup for Commerce

Mariah Anselmi

Borgas Cup for Senior Computing

Ronelson Mabasa

Boswell Cup for Endeavour in Home Economics

Stafford Ormsby

Photolife Graphic Arts Award for Achievement and Excellence in Photography

Joshua Parker

Office Max Award for Achievement and Endeavour in Art

Vaimauli Law

Excellence in Visual Arts

Jahnesta Sadler       

Jaycee Cup - Runner up in the Junior Prepared Speech Competition

Joshua Saunders

Kane Cup - Winner of the Junior Prepared Speech Competition

Hinekahukura Magner-MacDonald  

Cantlon Cup - Runner up in the Senior Prepared Speech Competition

Jack Marshall

Choysa Cup - Winner of the Senior Prepared Speech Competition

Finn Hunt

Altrusa Club Award for Excellence in Literacy

Subject Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Year 12


Vaimauli Law


Ashley Sanders


Rhys Kimber 


Benjamin Londt


Troy Klein


Joshua Parker

Hospitality and Art

Isaac Pethybridge


Dimarius Wade

Primary Industries

Nathan Jukes

Social Science

Lekisha Ruki-George

Te Reo Māori

Kahutotara August   


Lilly Reed      

Mathematics and Physics

Hannah Searancke

Chemistry, Biology and Economics

Zoe Ball

Physical Education (Betty Flexman Memorial Cup for most voluntary hours spent in the community)

Year 11


Kitana Ormsby


Alex Cooper 


Hinekahukura         Magner-MacDonald

Physical Education and the Williams Cup for Sports Leadership

Joshua Needham

Primary Industries Cup

Mariah Anselmi

Digital Technology and Social Studies

Hannah Brough

Economics, Science and Mathematics

Ronelson Mabasa    

Home Economics and Engineering

Maija Stephens

Art, English and Music


Year 10


Kupe Cleary


Samantha Hamilton 

Drama, Health, Food Technology and Metalwork

Bianca Hansen

English and Woodwork

Isabel Mans


Sahila Sharma


Laquisha Stockman

Physical Education (Female)

Jared Crosland

Physical Education (Male)

Jacob Akroyd


Kyle Kimber

Social Studies

Ngarangi Poa-Barrett

Te Reo Māori

Rosemary Clayton


Daniel Tuhakaraina 

Metalwork and Art


Year 9


Khya Macrae


Harmony Barker

Science and Drama

Ayla Pratt


Awhina Tainui


Keanee Henry

Materials Technology

Nelson Twist


Finn Hunt


Myah Kimber

Physical Education (Female)

Taylor Allen

Physical Education (Male)

Reannon Brown

Social Studies

Taetia Kopa

Te Reo Māori

Sports Prizes-Individual Champions

Samantha Kelly

Most Improved Netball Player (Certificate)                                           Most Outstanding Junior Netball Player (Scheyvens Cup)

Zoe Ball

Most Outstanding Netball Player of the Year (Dawn Grainger Cup)

Atholl Sneddon

Most Improved Soccer Player in the 1st X1 Boys’ Team (Eddie Wright Cup)

Awhina Tainui

Most Improved Soccer Player in the 1st X1 Girls’ Team (Plenderleith Cup)

Kathleen Ingley

Most Improved Hockey Player (Dixon Cup)

Sam Bentham

Most Improved Basketball Player (Boys)

Isaac Pethybridge

Most Valuable Basketball Player (Te Huia Whanau Trophy)

Trent Ammon

Most Improved Rugby Player (Wetere Cup)

Isaac Wana

Most Improved Player in Touch Rugby (Kearins/Te Whare Award)

Sean Kelly

Outstanding contribution to Rugby (Tom Nealon Cup                         Ku Taylor Memorial Trophy for Sportsmanship in Rugby)






Daniel Tuhakaraina

Junior Boy Champion (Te Kanawa Trophy)

1st= Katie Corbett & Laquisha Stockman

Junior Girl Champion (Te Kanawa Trophy)

Taylor Summers

Intermediate Boy Champion (Frank Kelly Cup)

Hannah Brough

Intermediate Girl Champion (Margaret Kelly Memorial Trophy)

1st= Tarshaye Ryder & Stafford Ormsby

Senior Boy (Plendy Cup)

Jessie-Jo Ball

Senior Girl (Plendy Cup)





Zachary Te Kanawa

Junior Boy Champion (TK Swimming Club Award)

Myah Kimber

Junior Girl Champion (TK Swimming Club Award)

Caleb Davey

Intermediate Boy Champion (Earl Trophy)

Lilly Reed

Intermediate Girl Champion (Earl Trophy)

James Henderson

Senior Boy Champion (Championship Cup)

Sophie MacDonald

Senior Girl Champion (Smith Cup)





Weston Gill

Junior Boy Champion

Samantha Corbett

Junior Girl Champion

Sam Bentham

Intermediate Boy Champion

Mikaela Bradley

Intermediate Girl Champion

Sean Kelly

Senior Boy Champion

Tayla Vandy

Senior Girl Champion





Ryan Packer

Junior Boy Badminton Champion

Rangimarie Anderson

Junior Girl Badminton Champion

Paul Bentham

Senior Boy Badminton Champion

Marina Atutahi

Senior Girl Badminton Champion

Jaryse Cassidy

Chess Champion




Zoe Ball

‘A’ Netball

Sean Kelly

1st XV Rugby

Charley Linn

Girls Rugby

Cameron Sneddon

Boys Touch Rugby

Hannah Searancke

1st X1 Hockey

Sam Bentham

Boys 1st X1 Soccer

Hannah Brough & Maija Stephens

Girls 1st X1 Soccer

Isaac Pethybridge

Senior Boys Basketball

Te Awhina Anderson

Girls Basketball

Tahlia Matthews

Waka Ama


Maniapoto                 Swimming (TK Swimming Club Assn)
                                   Athletics (McKinnon Cup)
                                   Basketball (Winders Cup)

Wahanui                    Netball (Seccombe Cup)

Rora                             Speeches
                                    Cross Country Cup

Tawhana                    Hockey (Buttimore Cup)


MANIAPOTO            4098

RORA                        3765

TAWHANA               2920

WAHANUI               3367


Te Kuiti High School 'Great Gatsby Ball'

Our Year 13 students have worked hard to create the theme “2017 Great Gatsby Ball”. The novel “The Great Gatsby” represents the extremes of 1920s wealth and decadence and captures this wild and carefree time period and the hall was decorated appropriately along the lines of this years’ theme.

The central character of this book represents the character of millionaire Jay Gatsby, published in 1925 and is set in 1922. Other names used for this decade were nicknamed the “Roaring 20s” and the “Jazz Age” The annual event was attended by over 140 guests, year 11 - 13 students.

 Great Gatsby Year 13

Year 13 cohort

The successful evening was a culmination of planning, discussions, building, painting, propping, and fetching under the watchful eye of many staff members. The event is one of many highlights for the final time for year 13 students before leaving school.

The photo booths too were decorated appropriately with many shots taken by Rihari Wana and Marama Shearer of Thrive Photography. The evening progressed with a range of music provided by James Olsen and students were treated with a delectable buffet put together by Mrs Sheryl Johnson and parents from Home and School.

By popular choice, this years’ prince and princess were Sam Bentham and Olivia Klein while the King and Queen were Connor Lovini and Zoe Ball.

Great Gatsby

L to R: Sam Bentham, Olivia Klein, Zoe Ball and Connor Lovini

Great Gatsby

DUX - Kaleb Addy 2016
Proxime Accessit
Proxime Accessit - Sophie MacDonald 2016

Proxime Accessit
Head Students - Hannah Searanke and Isaac Pethybridge 2017