About The School

Enquiries regarding enrolment or other school related matters can be met by making an appointment to see any member of the Senior Management team. The team being Mr Bruce Stephens (Principal) Ms Ripeka Price (Deputy Principal) and Mrs Pam Knight and Mrs Emma Hunt (Acting Assistant Principal). Occasionally a phone call is all that is required, depending on the nature of the enquiry. School office hours are from 8.00am to 4.00pm and your enquiry can be made using either of the following: principal@tkhs.school.nz, (07) 8786292.

Student well-being is central to effective and productive learning. Te Kuiti High School provides a range of services which students can access at no cost. Appointments are essential and the services are:

DoctorDr Amy KempthorneFriday only1 – 3.30pm
NurseAni Kawau (RN)Tuesday and Thursday9 – 3.00pm

Senior Management

B A Stephens, BSocSc, TTC, Principal – principal@tkhs.school.nz

R A Price, BEd, DipTchg, Deputy Principal – rp@tkhs.school.nz

E Hunt, BMus, PGDipTchg, Acting Assistant Principal – eh@tkhs.school.nz

P Knight, BA, DipBus, DipTchg, Acting Assistant Principal – pk@tkhs.school.nz

Heads of Department – Teacher in Charge

R Tuck, MSc, DipTchg (Principal’s Nominee/NZQA Liaison) – rt@tkhs.school.nz

G Londt, BA(Hons.), HDE, (English) – gl@tkhs.school.nz

J Allison, BTchg, (Junior English) – ja@tkhs.school.nz

K Joyes, BTch (Literacy Co-ordinator) – kj@tkhs.school.nz

A Sanchal, MEd, (Mathematics) – as@tkhs.school.nz

B Chisnall, MSc, DipTchg (Science) – bc@tkhs.school.nz

S Houchen, BTchg, (Technology) – sh@tkhs.school.nz

R Manuel, BA, MEd, (Social Sciences) – rm@tkhs.school.nz

W Lupton, BEd, Trade Cert, (Physical Education) - gw@tkhs.school.nz

M Wright, CertArts, TESSOL (ESOL/International Dean) – mw@tkhs.school.nz

E Hunt, BMus, PGDipTchg (HOD Performing Arts) – eh@tkhs.school.nz

J Hunt, BMus, DipTchg (Gifted & Talented)  – jh@tkhs.school.nz

D Follas, MSc, DipTchg (Specialist Classroom Teacher) – df@tkhs.school.nz

M Grainger (Gateway & STAR Co-ordinator) – mg@tkhs.school.nz

N Te Whare (Sports Co-ordinator) – sport@tkhs.school.nz

Student Support - Deans

D Stephens, BSocSc, DipTchg, (Year 09) – ds@tkhs.school.nz

J Allison, BTchg, (Year 10) – ja@tkhs.school.nz

K Joyes, BTchg, (Year 11) – kj@tkhs.school.nz

P Knight, BA, DipBus, DipTchg, (Year 12 & 13) – pk@tkhs.school.nz

Teaching Staff

G Bailey, BA, DipTchg – gb@tkhs.school.nz

A Ford, BSc, DipEd – af@tkhs.school.nz

M Harris, TTC – mh@tkhs.school.nz

P Hubbard, BSocSci, PostGradDipEd – petra.hubbard@tkhs.school.nz

S Kernot, AdvTradeCert, DipTchg – sk@tkhs.school.nz

D Seager, BLS, DipTchg – ds@tkhs.school.nz

M Shearer, BEd, DipTchg, ANZIPP  – ms2@tkhs.school.nz

B Cullen, FTCL, DipTchg (Itinerant Music Teacher)

J Lincoln, BA, DipLIS (Librarian) – jl@tkhs.school.nz