About The School

Te Kuiti High School is a state secondary co-ed school situated in the heart of the King Country also known as the Waitomo District. Affiliated and supported by Maniapoto iwi, the school was initially known as Te Kuiti District High School. In 1955 came the separation from the primary school when it then became Te Kuiti High School. The school has gained a reputation for ‘punching above its weight’ with graduates featuring successfully in a range of professions and vocation. The hallmark for students of Te Kuiti High School is to be always prepared to show Manaakitanga through respect,  integrity, positivity and  pride.

Board of Trustees

The Te Kuiti High School Board of Trustees are:

Mrs Hilary Karaitiana (Chairperson)

Ms Jo Randle

Mr Brent Ramsey

Ms Nikki Taylor

Mr Rhys Brown

Mr Tim Foy (Principal)

Miss Teagan Houchen (Staff Representative)

Miss Halima Shah (Student Representative)

Contact with the board can be made with the Board of of Trustees Secretary; Miss Lee Taylor - ltaylor@tkhs.school.nz 


Senior Management

Tim Foy, M. Sc (Hons), Dip Tchg, JP, Acting Principal – principal@tkhs.school.nz

Paula Skelton, Deputy Principal – ps@tkhs.school.nz

Greg Londt, Acting Deputy Principal – gl@tkhs.school.nz

Heads of Department and Assistants

B Chisnall, MSc, DipTch (Science) – bc@tkhs.school.nz

D Follas, MSc, DipTch (Specialist Classroom Teacher) – df@tkhs.school.nz

C Hill, BA, DipTch (Social Sciences) – chill@tkhs.school.nz

E Hunt, BMus, PGDipTch (Arts) – eh@tkhs.school.nz

K Joyes, BTch, (HoD English - Acting) – kj@tkhs.school.nz

W Lupton, BEd, Trade Cert, (Physical Education and Health) - wl@tkhs.school.nz

A Sanchal, MEd, (Mathematics and Numeracy) – as@tkhs.school.nz

R Tuck, MSc, DipTch (Principal’s Nominee/NZQA Liaison) – rt@tkhs.school.nz

B Kearins, Technology - bk@tkhs.school.nz


J Hunt, BMus, DipTch (Wahanui) – jh@tkhs.school.nz

M Shearer, BED, DipTchg, ANZIPP (Art & Photography) – ms@tkhs.school.nz

P Knight, BA, DipBus, DipTch, (Academic/Hauora) – pk@tkhs.school.nz

At the time of publishing, one vacancy

Teaching Staff

G Bailey, BA, DipTch (Metalwork Technology) – gb@tkhs.school.nz

R Brown, Gateway – rb@tkhs.school.nz

J Buckley, BTch (Mathematics) – jbuckley@tkhs.school.nz

J Caucau, BEd (Woodwork) – jcaucau@tkhs.school.nz

M McNulty, (Technology)– m.mcnulty@tkhs.school.nz

M Shearer, BEd, DipTch, ANZIPP (Art and Photography)– ms2@tkhs.school.nz

A Vossen, BSocSci, DipTch (Social Studies and Careers)– amy.vossen@tkhs.school.nz

Support Staff

M Ball - (Caretaker)

K Benefield, (Administration) – kb@tkhs.school.nz

M Caucau, (Teacher Learning Supporter) – :mcaucau@tkhs.school.nz

T Gray, (Teacher Learning Supporter) – taku.gray@tkhs.school.nz

J King, (Teacher Learning Supporter) – jking@tkhs.school.nz

J Lincoln, BA, DipLIS (Librarian) – jl@tkhs.school.nz

M Leonida – caretakers assistant

P Meads, (Teacher Learning Supporter) – pmeads@tkhs.school.nz

J Ramsey, (Attendance Officer) – jacqui.ramsey@tkhs.school.nz

L Taylor, (Executive Officer) – ltaylor@tkhs.school.nz

N Te Whare, (Sports Co-ordinator) – sport@tkhs.school.nz

P Turner-Hughes, (Student Administration Centre Manager) – pt@tkhs.school.nz

Parent Support

The single most significant factor in educational success is support and encouragement from home.

Co-operation between home and school is vital and the High School stresses the importance of communication between staff and parents or caregivers.

Parents are welcome at the school and we are pleased to meet with anyone regarding their child's welfare and progress.

Phoning for an appointment will ensure that the person you wish to see is available.

Parents are encouraged to attend report evenings, and any other meetings which are appropriate for parents and students.

We are always in need of coaches, managers, and support for our school teams.

Parents are encouraged to attend sports days, major productions, performances and evening meetings.

The Home and School Association

The Home and School Association provides an important service in fostering co-operation between staff and parents for the betterment of students' education.

Approximately six general meetings are held each year. All parents are invited to become members. Parents may also stand for election to our Board of Trustees.

We encourage parents to support our students in what they do and appreciate feedback on how we are doing.

Parents can help by supporting our fund raising ventures, as these are important to help us provide equipment and amenities for our students.

The school requires students to conduct themselves in such a way as to bring credit on themselves, their families and the High School.

Charter 2020


Financial Report

Under the Education Act we are now required to make our financial reports available for you to peruse:

TKHS Board Policies


TKHS Board Minutes